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St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel Near Kings Cross Station

The Canadian Passport and Its Perks

The Canadian passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. As of 2023, it allows its bearer to travel visa-free to over 180 countries. Let’s talk about three of the advantages of having a Canadian Passport. 

Calgary Tower

Exploring Serene Calgary in Less Than 24 Hours

Calgary is a cosmopolitan city with a serene small-town vibe. In this blog post, I will share my detailed impression of “cowtown”. 

Summer in Beautiful Vancouver

Summer in Canada: Things That I Love and Don’t Love About It

Summer in Canada brings me so much joy!

There are things that I love and don’t love about this season. So, if you are thinking of moving or visiting Canada during the summer, this blog post is for you.

Mounties on a Photoshoot in Vancouver

Canadian Slang Words that Immigrants Need to Know

New immigrants who are fluent in the English language encounter challenges when talking to Canadians. This is because Canadians use slang words in casual conversations.

So, I listed 15 Canadian slang terms and their meanings to help immigrants and even visitors during their first few days in Canada.

Fun Canada Day 2022 Event in North Vancouver

3 Fun Events in Metro Vancouver that You Shouldn’t Miss this July

The month of July brings so much fun!  If you are a new immigrant, here are 3 fun events in Metro Vancouver that you shouldn’t miss when July rolls in.

Grocery Shopping in Canada

Walmart and Superstore Mini Grocery Battle

If we compare Walmart and Superstore, which one will win? In this post, I will share my thoughts.

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Going Home for the Holidays? 5 Travel Tips for Your Homecoming

Home for the holidays! What a wonderful feeling.  The reality is that we need to overcome the stressful planning and travel before we get to the fun part.

Smoked Salmon

8 Excellent Gifts from Canada to Bring Home

Imagine the excitement of going home after living in Canada for a few years. Also, imagine the chaos of looking for gifts from Canada to bring home.

Fret not. Today, we will talk about Canadian gifts that will be appreciated by your loved ones back home. This way, you can focus on planning happy reunions.

A Taste of Life in Whitehorse

Life in Whitehorse from a Visitor’s Perspective

How is life in Whitehorse?

Future immigrants might be interested to learn about how life is in smaller cities. Those who are living in Canada may be interested in moving to other cities in search of other opportunities, a better quality of life, or more affordable housing.

I visited Whitehorse recently and here are some thoughts about life in Whitehorse from the eyes of a Metro Vancouver resident.

S.S. Klondike in Whitehorse

My Whitehorse, Yukon Getaway

Whitehorse, Yukon is not on everyone’s travel bucket list. But, the city’s spectacular scenery, relaxing vibe, and outdoor adventures create a charm that’s uniquely its own.

I went to Whitehorse for the first time in July 2022. When people learned where I was going for a quick vacation, they asked me, “Why Whitehorse?”. Hopefully, this post will make you think, “Why not Whitehorse?”

Green Timbers Urban Forest Park

The City of Surrey: A Popular Immigrant Destination in Canada

When I arrived in Canada around 10 years ago, I was told that Surrey was the fastest-growing city in Canada. The unbelievable home prices and other issues have slowed the trend. However, it is still one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Today, let’s talk about the City of Surrey and look at photos from my personal collection.

Bowen Island: A Serene Sanctuary 20 Minutes Away From the City

Bowen Island is a relaxing, charming, and serene sanctuary 20 minutes away from Metro Vancouver. It is an ideal refuge for city dwellers looking for respite.

Record-Breaking Low Temperatures Resulted In Ice Sheets Floating on the Fraser River

Enjoy the Season with the Right Winter Clothes and Accessories

When I first heard the forecast that British Columbia will experience record-breaking winter temperatures in December 2021, I got scared. You see, I moved from a tropical country to Lower Mainland, BC. There was no need to precisely apply the science of layering until that moment. But with a bit of research and lots of experiments, I found a combination of winter clothes and accessories that helped me survive enjoy winter.

Lights at Lafarge Free Outdoor Holiday Attraction

3 Free Outdoor Holiday Attractions in Metro Vancouver

The merry holiday season can be a financially challenging season. This year is especially difficult as Covid restrictions add more limits to our options. Today, let’s talk about free outdoor holiday attractions in Metro Vancouver that can safely bring joy without the hefty price tag.

DIY Projects Are Great Holiday Gift Ideas

5 Holiday Gift Ideas to Circumvent Canada’s Supply Chain Issues

The lingering pandemic, uncertain economy, and raging weather put everybody through unprecedented challenges. The upcoming holidays are supposed to give us some sort of respite from these realities. However, these same issues are causing supply chain problems that threaten our much-needed celebrations.

Now is a great time to be creative. Here are a few non-mainstream holiday gift ideas that can bring back the holiday cheer.

Charleson Park

10 Things That I Love About Canada

I love Canada. I truly do. In this post, I will tell you 10 reasons why.

Food Shopping Options in Canada

Food Shopping in Canada to Satisfy Every Lifestyle

“Food shopping in Canada!”, said my colleague when I asked him what he wished he knew more of when he was a new immigrant. It’s completely understandable. Don’t we all need food for survival and comfort?

Unedited Photo of the Effect of Wildfire Dust in Metro Vancouver

Canada’s Emergency Preparedness Programs Make Me Feel Safe

Canada’s emergency preparedness programs may not be perfect.  But, from the perspective of an immigrant, it is more than what I hope for.  Because of these programs, I feel safe. 

Welcome to Montreal: A Straightforward Guide for Newcomers

Montreal, Quebec is a world-class city that is also known as the “Paris of North America”. It was named after Mount Royal, a hill in the center of the city. Established in 1642 on an island in Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is the second-most populous city in Canada. 

Beautiful Vancouver

Beautiful Vancouver: A City with Many Crowns

The beautiful city of Vancouver wears many crowns.  Its breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped mountains and sparkling blue waters have made it a mainstay in multiple lists of “Most Beautiful Cities in the World.” 

Wearing My Pink Shirt

Pink Shirt Day Awareness And Its Impact on Immigrant Integration

Pink Shirt Day is one of the pleasant and purposeful celebrations that I have experienced for the first time in Canada.  I love pink but my support for this special day goes beyond that. 

Seabus: Mode of public transportation in Metro Vancouver

Public Transit in Canada and the Joy and Challenges it Brings

Public transit in Canada can be an unexpected source of stress or adventure to immigrants.  This post includes 12 things that you need to know to make your commute safer and more enjoyable.

Setting Up Finances in Canada in 5 Easy Steps

Setting up finances in Canada is essential to starting a good life. Here are 5 easy steps to get started.

Christmas in Canada

My First Christmas in Canada Was Not Postcard-Perfect But I Fought the Blues Away

My first Christmas in Canada was quiet, relaxing, and different.  But this made me quite sad.

Shopping in Canada

Shopping in Canada Can Be Fun with These 7 Tips

Shopping in Canada can be a different, surprising, and pleasant experience for newcomers.  Here are 5 things to know to elevate your shopping experience.

Asian Groceries in Canada that Bring Me Joy

My trips to Asian groceries in Canada always bring me nostalgia, adventures, and joy. Walking through each aisle is like treasure hunting that ultimately brings me a reminder of home.  Here are my current favorite Asian stores in Canada.

Volunteering for These Organizations Enriched My Immigration Experience

Volunteering has truly opened doors for me.  My life in Canada would not be as great without the help of several organizations.  So, it is a pleasure for me to pay the good deeds forward through these institutions.