10 Things That I Love About Canada

I love Canada. I truly do. In this post, I will tell you 10 reasons why.


  • There is an exception to almost everything. So, this list contains general observations only. If you have a different experience or opinion, please leave a comment. I would love to learn from you, too.
  • This post is not meant to criticize my beloved country of birth or any other country. Rather, it is more of a list of best practices from Canada that I wish others will emulate.

So what are the things that I love about Canada?

Parks Are Some of the Things I Love About Canada
Charleson Park, Vancouver

Clear Air

One of the simple joys of living in Canada is being able to enjoy a walk in the neighborhood without being enveloped in pollution. This may seem like a very basic thing that we do not even think about. But, the air quality is one of the things you might miss when you visit other places.

Adults and Kids Enjoy a Visit to a Park


I am truly grateful for the parks in Canada. For many people like me, it is a refuge from the stresses of daily life. It is also a venue for fun, fitness, or relaxation. The beautiful, well-maintained, and accessible parks kept me sane during the pandemic.

Natural Beauty

Canada is known for its gorgeous display of nature’s beauty. I am very pleased to note that industrialization did not take a huge toll on the country’s amazing landscape. The thing is, developers are rapidly building skyscrapers in many areas. I hope that developers and city planners will always aim for harmony with nature.

The four seasons add to Canada’s charm. The fresh dusting of snow makes me feel like I live in a snow globe. In spring, the cherry blossoms magically create pink canopies. Summer emphasizes the colors of the blue waters and emerald mountains. Fall transforms neighborhoods into nature’s artwork. Canada is wonderful in any season.

Polite and Friendly People

In general, Canadians are really polite and friendly. I am sure that you’ve seen a meme or two about how nice they are. One thing that surprised and pleased me when I was a newcomer is that they thank the driver as they step out of a public bus.

Canadians strike up conversations easily. Strangers may chat with you while waiting in a line-up or give compliments for your cute bag.

Respect for Privacy

Though Canadians are very friendly, they are also great at maintaining their boundaries. Relationship status, age, income, or religion are not part of the icebreaker questions that they ask acquaintances.

Passion for Volunteering

According to Statistics Canada, almost 12.7 million Canadians volunteered for charities in 2018. This is around 34% of the nation’s population in that same year.

The palpable passion for community involvement is one of the things that I love about Canada. When I was a newcomer to Canada, I was blessed to be a client of Dress for Success Vancouver (DFSV). This organization and its fervent volunteers supported me as I built my new life in Canada. This instilled in me the same passion for community work. So, I started volunteering for DFSV after I graduated from their Professional Women’s Group program. I have also volunteered for other organizations such as the City of Surrey, Amenida Seniors Community, and Surrey Urban Mission Society. At work, I founded a women’s network to empower our women employees to be their best.

Enjoyable Commute

Another thing that I appreciate is that drivers in Canada hardly honk. This contributes to a relaxing commute. I drove for an hour today and heard someone honk once. There are days when I do not even hear a car honking. I wonder if this is because Canadians generally adhere to rules or are very polite.

There are some high-traffic intersections or areas in the country. But it is not comparable to the traffic in countries with high population densities.

The landscape that I witness during my daily drive to work is amazing.

All these make commuting to work in Canada enjoyable.

Peaceful, Convenient, and Earth-friendly Elections

Elections, as I knew it, are plagued by controversies and even violence.

The campaign season can be a source of huge discomfort for regular citizens. Candidates campaigning in residential areas are accompanied by their throngs of supporters and loud sound system. When you turn on the TV, you will see an endless number of political ads.

The voting process can be quite inconvenient due to the long line-ups or even difficulties in finding the voting station.

Aside from TV and radio ads, as well as loud sound systems, financially capable candidates also invest in unlimited tarpaulins. Their supporters also hand out sample ballots in homes, public places, and outside polling stations. These add up to municipal wastes at the end of the election season.

But that is not the case in Canada.

Here, the voting process is easy. You will receive information about advance and regular voting via mail. Then you simply go to the assigned polling station, show your ID, then vote. I finished voting in less than 5 minutes during the 2021 elections.

House-to-house campaigns may also happen in Canada. Ads are also played on TV and radio. But the population and the number of candidates per position may help you imagine the magnitude of the inconvenience that regular citizens experience in my home country.

Electoral candidates also use traditional campaign materials here. But these are immediately cleaned up long before they become eyesores.

Dance Choreographed by Daniela Tempesta

Society Does Not Put Pressure or Limits on What You Can Do

In Canada, you can do what works best for you as long as you do not encroach on other people’s rights. Men and women can do the same job. People can get married or remarried even after a certain age. Individuals of various ages can participate in the same activities.

In the Philippines, everyone is practically taught to sing, dance, and walk at the same time. So, I never really felt the need to go to dance classes. A few years after landing in Canada, I suddenly felt the need to enroll in a dance class. So, I was so happy to find lots of dance classes for adults.

This scenario is common in any arena. Canadian society does not see gender, age, or background as limiting factors to growth or happiness. This is one of the top 3 things that I love about Canada.

Diverse Society and All the Great Things That It Brings

Canada is known as a land of immigrants. This means that it is home to a very diverse society. Diversity results in a rich blend of traditions and innovations. This shows in many ways such as business ideas, community events, and food options.

Truth be told, there are more than 10 things that I love about Canada.

I am curious to know about your thoughts and experiences. Please write a comment below.

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