Summer in Canada: Things That I Love and Don’t Love About It

Summer in Canada brings me so much joy! The familiar warmth that envelopes me, the brightness that lifts the gloom from rainy Vancouver, and the energy that radiates from communities are exhilarating.

There are things that I love and don’t love about this season. So, if you are thinking of moving or visiting Canada during the summer, this blog post is for you.

Summer in Canada is Wonderful
Summer in Canada is Wonderful

Summer in Canada Tidbits


The seasons are defined by the sun’s movement in the sky.  For the northern hemisphere, summer starts at the summer solstice when the sun is farthest north.  It ends at the autumnal equinox when the sun is directly over the equator. 

Summer in Canada then starts on the third week of June to the third week of September.

Summer Events in Vancouver, BC
Summer Events in Vancouver, BC

In general, temperatures during summer can reach 30oC.  But since Canada is a huge country, seasons look and feel different from east to west and north to south.

It is said that summer in eastern Canada is hotter and more humid (and winter is more brutal) compared to the west coast.  On the West Coast, the climate is moderate year-round.

Northern regions are known to have cooler and sunny summers.  Some areas have daylight between 17 and 20 hours.  The city of Whitehorse in Yukon is an example.

Read about my Whitehorse, Yukon getaway, and my impressions of this relaxing northern city.

What to Wear

Summer is warm to hot.  But when the wind blows or you are in the shade, it can be a bit chilly.  Plus, the weather can change in just a few hours.  So, bringing a light jacket is recommended.

Outdoor Fun in Whistler, BC
Outdoor Fun in Whistler, BC

Things That I Love About Summer in Canada

Here is a list of things that I love during summer in Canada. Please note that while I have been to a few Canadian cities during the warm months, my thoughts are based mostly on summer in Metro Vancouver.

The sun is out!

In Vancouver where it rains almost 170 days a year, the bright sun is surely a welcome sight.  Fortunately, this season is marked by exceptionally long days, so people have better chances of soaking in the sun. 

People seem to be happier and energized during this season.  In contrast, gloomy days bring about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression related to seasonal changes, to some people. 

Summer in Beautiful Vancouver
Summer in Beautiful Vancouver
The spectacular beauty of Vancouver is visible!

Vancouver is also known as Raincouver.  The rain, clouds, and fog hide the city’s beauty.  But during the summer, Vancouver’s breathtaking charm is highly visible.  The clear blue water and emerald mountains against the bright skies in Metro Vancouver make a spectacular backdrop.    

Read more about the city of Vancouver in this blog post.

Everyone looks amazing in summer clothes!

During the cold season, most Vancouverites are dressed in somber colors.  Dark clothing plus gloomy environments do nothing to uplift the soul.  But during the warmer season, people are generally more experimental, expressive, and fashionable.  I love this season as I get to wear colorful clothes in a softer fabric. 

Dressing up during winter also presents a lot of inconveniences.  It is tiring to get dressed as you must wear layers and layers of clothing.  You have to peel these off as you go indoors then put these back on to prepare to go out.  You also need to wear winter accessories and make sure that you don’t lose them.  Also, the weather and toques ruin hairstyles. 

These are not major problems but still are things to consider on a daily basis.  During the summer, these are things you just don’t think about.

View From Quarry Rock
View From Quarry Rock
People enjoy nature!

Canada’s natural beauty is known worldwide.  During summer, everyone can be with nature, admire its beauty, and feel its healing powers.

People stay outdoors and engage in fun activities such as hiking, kayaking, and swimming.  Even walking in one of Canada’s numerous parks can uplift one’s mood and well-being.

Watch this video on my YouTube channel to get a second-hand experience of hiking in Quarry Rock.

2023 Canada Day in VancouverKorean Cultural Heritage FestivalPinoy FestivalSurrey Fusion FestivalCaribbean Days Festival
People come together to celebrate!

Summer in Canada is a great time to experience multicultural festivals, participate in free community events, and learn about other cultures.

Canada Day, the biggest celebration in the country is celebrated on July 1.  BC Day happens on the first Monday of August.  Fun events are organized in various cities to commemorate these important dates.

Aside from these, numerous festivals offer opportunities to learn, have fun, and be one with the community. 

Summer in Canada is simply amazing.

Watch these 2023 videos from my YouTube channel to see what community fun in Canada looks like:

Summer Festivals in Vancouver Recap

Surrey Fusion Festival

Canada Day in North Vancouver

Canada Day in Vancouver

Eerie Sky Due to Wildfires
Eerie Sky Due to Wildfires

Things That I Don’t Love About Summer in Canada

There are only two things that I don’t love about summer in Canada. 

Wildfires and Smoky Skies May Wreak Havoc on Communities!

Hot and dry summers, coupled with lighting or irresponsible disposal of cigarettes and handling of fire, result in wildfires.  As of this writing, there are still 385 active wildfires burning across British Columbia alone.  Some of these are categorized as “out of control” resulting in several evacuation orders and alerts. 

Wildfires are sad and scary.

Though we are quite lucky to not experience actual wildfires in the Lower Mainland, we get to experience smoky skies and poor air quality. 

Watch my YouTube video entitled Exploring Newton + Langley + Guildford | Seeing the BC Wildfires Effect to see what smoky skies and the eerie sun look like.  

Weather Phenomena Like Heat Waves and Heat Domes May Happen!

In the last few years, Metro Vancouver has been subjected to weather phenomena that I have never heard of.

In 2021, British Columbia residents were subjected to what is now recorded as the deadliest weather event in Canada to date.  The heat dome that took place from June 25 to July 1 resulted in 619 heat-related deaths.

Enjoying Summer at Othello Tunnels
Enjoying Summer at Othello Tunnels

Summer is a great time to explore or move to Canada.  This season brings so much joy, energy, and excitement.  But it can also be the deadliest season.

Visitors, future immigrants, and residents must anticipate the positive things and prepare for the negative things that summer in Canada brings.

Have fun and always take care!

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