Immigration & Settlement

Arrivals Hall at YVR Airport

Landing at YVR Airport as a Newcomer

Arriving at your new home is both exciting and stressful. I know because I’ve been in that situation. So, in this blog, I will share the major steps that you have to go through when landing at YVR Airport as a newcomer.

Dress for Success Vancouver 2019 Impact Gala Poster

Dress for Success Vancouver Helped Me Create A Beautiful Settlement Story

Dress for Success Vancouver (DFSV) is true to their words.  DFSV gave me dignity, inclusiveness, and hope when I was a newcomer to Canada.  They helped me clarify my personal values, enhance my skills, and create a supportive network throughout my journey.

Packing List

Pre-Departure Packing List

Fitting your entire future into 1 or 2 suitcases is a challenge for most of us.  An immigrant’s packing list depends on several factors: landing alone or with dependents, accommodation upon arrival, destination, arrival date, and so on.  But here is a recommended basic packing list.

Preparing for Canadian Life

The excitement of receiving the permanent resident visa comes with doubt and anxiety.  To relieve these, I started preparing for Canadian life by participating in the Planning for Canada program.

Completing Canadian Immigration Documents

Hiring a representative comes with a cost – a hefty one at that.  The good news is that completing your own Canadian immigration documents can also result in a successful application. This post contains tips.

Help from an Immigration Consultant

IRCC emphasizes that the use of representatives is not required nor does it ensure a successful application. But a Canada immigration consultant company helped me in 3 ways.

Canadian Immigration Assessment

Immigration is never easy. It requires a huge investment of time, effort, and money. This post will tell you how I completed my Canadian immigration assessment and how you can do yours before making any investment.