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Canada's Healthcare System Allows Its People to Live a High-Quality Life 0

What Immigrants Need to Know About Canada’s Healthcare System

Canada’s Healthcare System is a polarizing subject. Some people are impressed by it while some are frustrated because of it. I am sometimes grateful and sometimes stressed because of it. Today we will know why.  We will look at: Hopefully, this post will help new and potential immigrants manage their expectations and prepare for undesirable scenarios. Pros and Cons of Canada’s Healthcare System Universal Healthcare Everyone who meets minimum residency requirements in Canada is eligible for healthcare coverage. Universal healthcare provides medically necessary healthcare services based on the values of fairness and equity. That is, they grant services based on...

Me After My First Covid-19 Shot 0

My Covid-19 Vaccination Experience Was Not the Best but I am Still Grateful

My Covid-19 vaccination experience was not as straightforward as I wanted it to be.  But, I am grateful to the health care workers, organizers, and the government for the enhanced immunity and peace of mind that I now have. I know that the vaccine and its rollout have become hot topics.  I am writing this piece without intending to join the debate.  Rather, I am sharing my experiences so others who are considering getting the vaccine can better prepare. My Special Reasons for Getting Vaccinated Health and safety are, of course, my main reasons for getting vaccinated. But since I...