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What is the Best Airline to Travel Between Canada and the Philippines? 

If you are a new immigrant to Canada from the Philippines or are planning to visit the beautiful Philippine islands, you would surely ask “What is the best airline for traveling between these two countries?”. Honestly, I don’t have the absolute answer to this question.  But, I can tell you which is the best airline I have flown with based on my personal experience in the economy category. I have only really traveled between the two countries four times, each time with a different airline.   In this post, I will share my experiences because they may help you choose the...

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Going Home for the Holidays? 5 Travel Tips for Your Homecoming

Home for the holidays! What a wonderful feeling.  The reality is that we need to overcome the stressful planning and travel before we get to the fun part. In this post, I will share my observations and travel tips with Canadian residents who wish to go home for the holidays.  It’s only February but it’s never too early to prepare for your next grand vacation! Travel Tip 1: Pick the Best Travel Time. Avoid peak travel season. I usually try to arrive in the Philippines before December 20th.  This way, I can avoid the rush of people leaving Canada and...