Immigrant Stories

“Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others.” – Peter Forbes

On this page, let us look at life in Canada through the eyes of immigrants. Let us find knowledge, inspiration, and hope in these real immigrant stories.

Mercy's Story

Mercy’s Story (and 10 Business and Financial Tips for Canadians)

Moving to a new country at 19 years of age is a formidable feat in itself. But that is only the start of Mercy’s inspiring immigration story.

Erika doing story time during her last visit to the artisan community in Cusco, Peru

Erika’s Story: Going Down Memory Lane from Peru to Canada

Don’t we all have those moments that when we look back, we realize how much they changed our lives? Mine is emigrating from Peru to Canada.

Hola, mi nombre es Erika (my name is Erika).

Seizing Opportunities in Canada

Alwyn’s Story: Seizing Opportunities in Canada

Alwyn’s story is about successfully reinventing himself and seizing opportunities in Canada.

Here is Alwyn’s story in his own words.

Enjoying Life in Canada

Aeron’s Story: Sharing Inspiration Through An Immigrant’s Life Podcast

He strongly believes that the struggles, resilience, and successes of immigrants must be shared to inspire others. So, he created the podcast An Immigrant’s Life to ensure that these stories are never lost and forgotten.

This is Aeron and here is his inspiring Canadian immigration story.

Charisse - Helping Newcomers in Canada

Charisse’s Story: Helping Newcomers in Canada Navigate Life

She was fortunate to have a straightforward immigration journey. So, she is using her knowledge and experiences in helping newcomers in Canada create an easier path for themselves.

In her own words, Charisse shares her immigration story.

Chimma's Canadian Immigrant Story

Chimma’s Story: Helping New Immigrants in British Columbia

Imagine packing up your comfortable life to move to another country then find the world at a standstill. It is challenging to say the least. But we find ways, resilience, and knowledge to thrive. It’s even better if we use these to help others who come after us. This is the inspiring story of Chimma and how she established BC Settlement Buddy with the aim of helping new immigrants in British Columbia.

Rozy’s Story: Pursuing the Passion for the Arts in Canada

“We left a well-settled life in India and started from scratch in an empty basement in Canada. It wasn’t easy to start over again. But we were determined. Now, our family is enjoying our life thoroughly while I pursue my passion for the arts in Canada.”, says artist Rozy.

Managing a Business

Nida’s Story: Starting a Restaurant Business in Canada

Today, we will learn about Nida’s Canadian immigrant story and how she surpassed the challenges of setting up a restaurant.

I hope these immigrant stories have given you the inspiration to create your own.