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Mercy’s Story (and 10 Business and Financial Tips for Canadians)

Moving to a new country at 19 years of age is a formidable feat in itself. But that is only the start of Mercy’s inspiring immigration story. Mercy came to Canada from the Philippines with bright hopes of creating a rosy future. However, life sent her on a tortuous path toward her dream life. A month after landing in Canada, she found out that she was pregnant. As a pregnant teenager who was new to the country, she badly needed support. Unfortunately, she barely got any because her relationship with her baby’s father ended shortly after they learned about the...

Erika doing story time during her last visit to the artisan community in Cusco, Peru 0

Erika’s Story: Going Down Memory Lane from Peru to Canada

Don’t we all have those moments that when we look back, we realize how much they changed our lives? Mine is emigrating from Peru to Canada. Hola, mi nombre es Erika (my name is Erika). My drive to lead a life full of meaning and adventure is born from my hometown experiences and Peruvian roots. You might think that my life back in my home country was hard and that was why I emigrated to Canada to look for a brighter future. Well, the truth is, I had a beautiful life in Lima, Peru, where I’m originally from. I lacked...