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Canadian Immigrant Story guest appearances and mentions are making an impact! I have been receiving messages both privately and publicly about the tips, hope, and inspiration that the blog brings. For this, I am truly grateful.

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Immigrant Muse Article

Photo in an Immigrant Muse Story Feature / Guest Appearance
Helping Immigrants Thrive Through Stories

“Katrina Macadaeg came to Canada a little over 10 years ago and in this article, she shares her settlement experience that details the struggles she faced and how her determination she has led where she is today.” – As published in Immigrant Muse

Read the article here.

Dress for Success Vancouver Career Journey Spotlight

Panel Speaker for Dress for Success Vancouver

Hear the journeys that some of our Dress for Success Vancouver Ambassadors have taken to get to where they are today in their careers. In this panel, you will hear Silvia Paias Costa, Mercy Campbell, and Katrina Macadaeg share their unique stories, including the challenges and successes they faced along the way, as well as opportunities they sought out. Be ready to be inspired by these amazingly resilient women who learned to value what they bring to the table, break the barriers of women achieving success in the workplace, and how finding community and champions to support them made all the difference to where they are right now in their careers. This panel discussion is for anyone who needs some hope in these challenging times and practical advice to move forward in your own career journey.

The Overseas Dream

Special Feature on Instagram

“I am a planner so I have a long list of things that one must figure out before moving to Canada, but here are the most important ones:

Know what you want. Moving to a new country is an opportunity to start anew. But you shouldn’t settle for any opportunity that comes your way. I understand that we sometimes need to grab opportunities such as survival jobs, but don’t lose sight of your true passion.

Do research on immigrant-serving organizations in your target destination. Get in touch with them as early as possible, even while you are in your home country. I realized that there are many individuals and organizations who are willing to help. We just need to find the ones that can help us achieve our goals.

Remember to enhance your life skills and not just your professional skills. When you move to another country, you will have to do basically everything on your own. Finding reliable service is not cheap nor easy.

It is a privilege to be a Dress for Success Vancouver (DFSV) Inspiration Award Winner. DFSV has been an integral part in my success. As a newcomer, they helped me thrive in the Canadian workplace, polish my professional skills, and grow a supportive network. Even now that I have successfully integrated in Canada, I still find joy, fulfillment, and confidence in being part of this organization.

I have now become a volunteer, ambassador, and mentor for DFSV. These experiences enhanced my skills in public speaking, organizing, and coaching. These also helped me to find courage in my own personal story.

Meaningful integration into a new community takes time, effort, and persistence. But it can be done. My top 3 tips to fully integrate in the community are:
– Seek out volunteer opportunities. For me, volunteering was the best way to find people with similar interests, find value in my activities, and grow valuable connections.
– Find an organization or interest group that is aligned with your values.
– Mingle with people outside your “ethnic group”

Quoted in The Overseas Dream Instagram Account

Emigrant’s Life Podcast

“Growing up in an environment where she got used to living alone, Katrina left her home country, the Philippines, with a determination to succeed and permanently stayed in Canada.

At the age of twelve, Katrina’s parents decided to send her to a city far away from where they lived to study. Katrina considered that as a preparation for her future – becoming an emigrant.

Katrina arrived in Canada with a permanent residency visa through working with an agency in her country. Although starting in a new country with a huge advantage, she also had to start from scratch to get a decent job as all other emigrants did. She finished a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Technology Management, which led her to a position in a food manufacturing company.

Katrina recalled her greatest struggles on moving abroad, one of which is finding a new community in a foreign place. Thankfully, she was able to immerse herself in various organizations, mainly Dress for Success Vancouver, for which she now serves as an ambassador. Through these groups, Katrina built herself a network of people who served as her family in her new home, Canada.”Emigrant’s Life

Dress for Success Vancouver Social Media Accounts

Canadian Immigrant Story Featured on the DFSV Facebook Page
Featured on Dress For Success Vancouver Facebook Page

“When Katrina came to Dress For Success Vancouver, she didn’t know that one outfit would lead to a community and journey that would inspire others. Read about her story with Dress For Success Vancouver by visiting Canadian Immigrant Story here…/” – Dress for Success Vancouver Facebook Page

An Immigrant’s Life Podcast

An Immigrant’s Life Episode 27: Through Force and Intensity

“I had a chat with Chemical Engineer & Blogger, Katrina Macadaeg. We talked about her being sent to a school in Manila at 12 years old, growing-up away from her family, challenges she faced when she moved to Canada, importance of volunteering, and her amazing blog.” – Aeron Dellosa, Host – An Immigrant’s Life

Maricor Germino YouTube Channel

Canadian Immigrant Story By: Katrina

“March is a Women’s Month and in today’s episode, I would like to share to all of you my wonderful conversation with the amazing Lady. Full of wisdom and affirmation. Story of someone who have a dream, manage to reach it, be successful and became an inspiration to everyone.” – Maricor Germino YouTube Channel

I’ve always said that I am a passionate volunteer but a hesitant speaker. But I have learned to embrace the beauty of my journey.

One day, you will tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you are going through now and it will become part of someone’s survival guide.

– Unknown