Rozy’s Story: Pursuing the Passion for the Arts in Canada

“We left a well-settled life in India and started from scratch in an empty basement in Canada. It wasn’t easy to start over again. But we were determined. Now, our family is enjoying our life thoroughly while I pursue my passion for the arts in Canada.”, says artist Rozy.

Rozy Shares Her Talent for the Arts in Canada and Beyond Through Exhibits and Social Media
Rozy Shares Her Talent for the Arts in Canada and Beyond Through Exhibits and Social Media

Leaving a Wonderful Life Behind

They had a great life in India. Her husband had a plush job in a multinational company. She was a busy homemaker who gained recognition within the art fraternity in their city. So, they were perfectly content and never thought of leaving their home country.

But like many immigrants, they decided to move to Canada primarily for the benefit of their children. As their kids grew up, they started to think about their children’s higher education. Initially, Rozy and her husband thought about sending their kids abroad for further studies. Then they considered moving as a family to be with the kids during their teens and early adulthood.

Creating Beautiful Works of Art for Her Clients in Canada and Beyond
Creating Beautiful Works of Art for Her Clients in Canada and Beyond

Canada was an obvious and easy choice. But, leaving everything behind was not.

It was difficult for Rozy’s husband to give up his job. It was heart-breaking for them to sell everything they had fondly gathered over the years. However, the most painful part of the process was leaving family and friends behind.

But they made a solid decision to immigrate. They then embarked on several hectic months of preparation to get a Canadian visa. When they finally received it, they were beyond elated.

Bursts of Colors Inspired by Nature
Bursts of Colors Inspired by Nature

Starting Life in A New Country

Rozy’s family started a new life in Canada in a bare basement and full determination.

They immediately started looking for a new job. However, like most immigrants, they realized that it was not an easy task to get a new job and keep themselves motivated.

Like most immigrant families, they also experienced challenges in their daily life. For instance, running errands using public transit and dealing with Canadian winters were real struggles. In fact, lugging groceries while slipping on icy pavements lands on top of Rozy’s list of difficult tasks as a newcomer.

Still, they persevered.

After a few months, Rozy’s husband got a job in his field. This was the start of a good life in their new country.

Shortly after, Rozy also started working on her own dreams. She started a job while honing the love for the arts that she discovered back home.

Abstract Wall Art
Abstract Wall Art

Pursuing the Love for the Arts in Canada

Rozy’s art journey started in India. While managing her household, she started painting in her free time. The hobby quickly grew into a passion. She started to join group exhibitions and to teach kids. Participation in group and solo exhibitions gave her the opportunity to learn. It also gave her exposure and recognition within the art fraternity in her city.

The challenges of starting a new life in Canada have not diminished this passion a bit. Since 2019, Rozy has been participating in art exhibitions in Downtown Vancouver. The positive response to her work motivates her to explore her passion for the arts in Canada even more.

While preparing for her next exhibit, Rozy continues to teach, conceptualize, and share her art in Canada and beyond. She creates a wide range of art from abstract to figurative art. She sells artwork in various media such as sketches, oil painting, acrylic painting, and watercolor. In addition, she commissions art to the delight of her clients.

Rozy continues to thrive in the art scene because of her customer’s words of appreciation and the joy that creating art brings.

Showcasing Another Art Work
Showcasing Another Art Work

Living Their Best Life in Canada

The trials of their early days as immigrants have long been gone. Rozy and her family are now enjoying the best life that Canada has to offer.

Immigrants find seemingly insurmountable trials when they start a new life. But, you will also find joy and contentment in it. As Rozy says, “Keep motivated and protect your mental health. Be patient. Never give up on your dreams and passion.”

Browse Rozy’s works of art or inquire about commissioned art through Instagram. You can also send her a note through her email address

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  1. Sandra says:

    Great story, one of many showing the resilience and ethics of immigrant individuals bringing their best to the new chosen life.

    • Katrina says:

      Absolutely! It is truly an inspiring immigrant story – we may get sidetracked while building a new life but we should never lose sight of our passion.

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