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Severe Weather Conditions Cause Power Outages in Canada 0

Power Outages in Canada and Four Things an Immigrant Needs to Know About Them

Power outages conjure different memories, emotions, and reactions based on our past experiences.  As immigrants, we must learn about our new home including hazards, risks, and emergency preparations.  In this article, I will share 4 things that an immigrant needs to know about power outages in Canada. Power Outages in Canada May Be Different Compared to Our Home Country As immigrants, we are conditioned to adjust to our life in our new country.  It is amusing, but not entirely surprising, that we must also adjust to how we prepare for emergencies. Power Outages in My Home Country Scheduled and unscheduled...

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Canada’s Emergency Preparedness Programs Make Me Feel Safe

Canada’s emergency preparedness programs may not be perfect.  But, from the perspective of an immigrant, it is more than what I hope for.  Because of these programs, I feel safe. In this post, I will share the hazards that commonly occur in Canada as well as the country’s emergency preparedness, awareness, and response programs. Hazards in Canada As I write this post, the B.C. Wildfire Dashboard shows 250 active fires in the province of British Columbia.  Also, the National Wildland Fire Situation Report registered around 5, 900 forest fires across Canada from January to August 2021.  Forest fires are not...