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Networking Helped Me Land My First Job In Canada

Networking is said to be one of the most effective ways of finding the right job.  I believe this because I got my first job in Canada through networking. Networking is the process of connecting with people.  It can be uncomfortable, intimidating, or scary.  But it does not have to be. Based on my experience, effective networking requires a few things: A Change in Mindset I grew up in the Philippines.  I was told to study hard, get into a prestigious university, study hard, and get a degree.  Then excellent jobs will find me. When I arrived in Canada, I...

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No Canadian Experience Barrier

The “no Canadian experience” barrier is a modern chicken and egg situation.  You need Canadian experience to land a job, but you need a job to gain experience. The good news is that there are various ways to work around this barrier. What does Canadian experience really mean? A panel online consultation conducted by the government of Canada reveals that the lack of or difficulty obtaining Canadian work experience was the top employment challenge faced by newcomers. Canadian work experience does not only refer to technical skills.  Often, it refers to the ability to fit into the Canadian workplace culture....