Dress for Success Vancouver’s Newcomer Package Gives Joy To Women

Newcomer Package Offered by Dress for Success Vancouver
Dress for Success Vancouver’s Newcomer Package

I first heard about Dress for Success Vancouver’s Newcomer Package while volunteering for the Success Luncheon in November 2022. Needless to say, I was pleased upon learning about this new service. I actually wished that I was able to avail myself of it when I arrived in Canada.

Like most immigrants, I came to Canada with overflowing excitement and my bare essentials. I had my regular clothes from my beloved tropical country, a few business outfits, and zero winter clothing. As I came to Canada alone, I also left behind my support system.

I did everything that I could before moving to Canada. This includes doing tons of research about the weather and proper layering. This also entailed preparing my resume and signing up for an employment workshop. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I can not achieve what I wanted by myself.

I needed help.

Immigrants Need Help to Get Started

I then combed the internet to find an organization that offers settlement services. This brought me to Success BC where I was welcomed by a former Dress for Success Vancouver client. She then referred me to Dress for Success Vancouver for a suiting appointment. This was the start of my excellent relationship with this amazing organization. Shortly after, I availed of their other services such as the Professional Women’s Group, Ambassador Program, and Career Services. I also went for Suiting Services in between whenever I qualified.

Looking back, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to be pampered at the Dress for Success Vancouver boutique. I loved trying on clothes at their beautiful boutique and receiving items that I was not able to bring. Most of all, I appreciated the care and kind words of their supportive volunteers and staff.

So, I am writing this article for newcomer women knowing that they too will appreciate the newcomer package.

Dress for Success Vancouver 2022 Success Luncheon
Dress for Success Vancouver 2022 Success Luncheon

Dress for Success Vancouver

Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve sufficiency and reach their full potential. It started in New York in 1997 and has expanded to over 160 cities in 30 countries and has served more than 1, 300, 000 women worldwide.

Established in 1999, Dress for Success Vancouver is the first international affiliate of Dress for Success. Since it opened its doors, the affiliate has changed the lives of over 39, 000 women through its Dressing Services, Career Programs, Leadership Programs, and Workshops.

In 2022, Dress for Success Vancouver expanded its services to include the Newcomers Package.

The Goal of the Newcomer Package

The Newcomer Package aims to support women who have recently arrived in Canada. Newcomer women receive care packages and an opportunity to join a supportive network when they are ready to find fulfilling work.

Newcomer Package Details
Newcomer Package Details

Contents of the Newcomer Welcome Care Package

The newcomer packages contain hand-curated clothing and personal items that can help women build their lives in their new home country. It contains basic items such as winter coats, wash-and-wear casual clothing, and personal care items. It also includes some confidence-building items like a nice handbag or cosmetics. As a huge bonus, the packages include an invitation to visit the boutique if they need anything else and to reach out when they’re ready to start their job search.  

Beautiful Canada

Who is Eligible

Women who consider themselves newcomers, regardless of status or permit, can avail of the package. At present, there is no cap on the length of stay in Canada.

A few months after its inception, the program has already given joy to over 150 women. If you want to also experience this joy, check out Dress for Success Vancouver’s website.

If you are able, consider donating $120.00 to help a woman new to Canada avail of a welcome care package.

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