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5 Reasons Why I am Not Leaving Canada

A quick Google search shows that immigrants are leaving Canada in record-breaking numbers. They have numerous reasons for leaving and these are readily available with a click of the mouse. To help new and future immigrants get a balanced view, I will be sharing the reasons why I am not leaving Canada. Resources Are Available In Canada, resources are available to vulnerable or underprivileged groups. Even before leaving the Philippines, I already got help in preparing for life in Canada. While the Land of Maple Syrup is far from perfect, it does offer resources and programs that are not yet...

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White Rock, British Columbia’s Beauty and Tranquility Uplift My Soul

My White Rock adventures cure my wanderlust while obeying the stay local health guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Its beauty and tranquility do wonders to my soul. Today, I am giving you a glimpse of this wonderful city so that you too can bask in its serenity. White Rock is a serene city with a beautiful coastline dotted with trendy restaurants and cafes.  It boasts of an eight-kilometer sandy beach, a relaxing waterfront, and the longest pier in Canada.   This city is part of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  It is surrounded on the north, east, and west by...


Welcome to Montreal: A Straightforward Guide for Newcomers

Montreal, Quebec is a world-class city that is also known as the “Paris of North America”. It was named after Mount Royal, a hill in the center of the city. Established in 1642 on an island in Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is the second-most populous city in Canada. It has a rich cultural heritage being a former English and French colony. It is also home to high-class shopping stores, restaurants, clubs, bars, and several festivals all year round.   Guest writer Aeron Dellosa shares what you need to know if you’re planning to live in Montreal.  Demographics  Despite being in Quebec,...

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Beautiful Vancouver: A City with Many Crowns

The beautiful city of Vancouver wears many crowns.  Its breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped mountains and sparkling blue waters have made it a mainstay in multiple lists of “Most Beautiful Cities in the World.” Its stability, culture and environment, infrastructure, healthcare, and education have allowed it to be named as one of the most livable cities in the world multiple times. Vancouver is also known as Hollywood North due to its popularity as a filming location. I love this city. Let me tell you why. Geography Vancouver was incorporated only in 1886 and is, therefore, a very young city. In fact,...

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Public Transit in Canada and the Joy and Challenges it Brings

Public transit in Canada can be an unexpected source of stress or adventure to immigrants.  This post includes 12 things that you need to know to make your commute safer and more enjoyable. This post is based mainly on my experiences in Metro Vancouver.  But my limited trips to Greater Toronto Area show similarities in the system used in at least these two cities. Before anything else, let’s have a look at some informational videos from Metro Vancouver’s Translink System: Trip Information Paying Your Fare Validating Your Fare Transit Tips When I arrived in Canada in 2011, I had a...

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On my 8th year in Canada, I finally ventured out of beautiful British Columbia. From the west, I headed to Ontario in central Canada. Ontario is the country’s second-largest and most populous province. I got to experience the fast-paced, lively, and robust city of Toronto and a few other cities in the Greater Toronto Area. A few months after, I was fortunate to visit Ontario again twice. This time, I was able to roam around Niagara Falls, Woodstock and Strathroy in addition to Toronto. Canada is indeed an amazing country. Starting a new life was a challenge but I do not have any regrets.

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Festivals and Events in Vancouver

British Columbia’s ethnically diverse population adds charm to its beautiful scenery.  The rich cultural heritages weaved with present-day advocacies are exhibited through festivals and events. I truly consider myself fortunate to experience these exciting events in a diverse and warm community.

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Beautiful British Columbia

It is called Beautiful British Columbia for a reason.  Canada’s westernmost province is blessed with majestic snow-capped mountains, pristine water and diverse people.  BC’s backyard offers a wide range of activities from wine tasting in the Okanagan, whale watching in Victoria, skiing in Whistler, watching the northern lights near Fort Nelson, reading a book at English Bay and much more. I haven’t explored everything that beautiful BC has to offer but I intend to.  I hope you will explore it with me.