Canadian Immigrant’s Life (video 41-80)

I took the leap of faith and migrated to this country without even a glimpse of a Canadian immigrant’s life. So, I created a YouTube channel to help new and future immigrants prepare better for their journey ahead.

Canada has given me so much so I am passing the blessings forward to you. All the best!

Things to Know Before Visiting Vancouver

It’s not a secret that Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It’s also not a secret that knowing the norms in each city makes visitors’ journeys more enjoyable or even safer.

Watch this and enjoy Vancouver!

79 Surrey, BC, Canada – Home Improvement Shopping, Dining and Hiking

Surrey is one of 21 municipalities, one electoral area, and one Treaty First Nation that compose BC’s Metro Vancouver. With a population of 568,322 in 2021, it is the second most populated city in the metro. In that same year, it had an immigrant population of 45%.

In this video, we will look at some shopping options, a Nepali restaurant, and a regional park in Surrey.

78 Quick Look at Fort Langley

I guess Langley is not as popular as other Lower Mainland, BC cities or municipalities such as Vancouver, North Vancouver or White Rock. However, this quiet town also has a lot to offer.

Click the click to find out more.

77 Langley, BC – 2024 May Day Parade

Community events and festivals teach me a lot about a society’s culture.

Today, I am sharing a video compilation from this year’s May Day Parade in Langley, British Columbia. Though I have lived in BC’s Lower Mainland for over a decade, this is the first time I am watching this event.

76 My Favorite Free Vancouver Attractions

Vancouver’s impressive beauty has been recognized worldwide. As a newcomer or visitor, it might be challenging to explore the numerous wonderful spots in the city in a limited time. So, I am sharing my list of free favorite Vancouver attractions with you. Have fun!

Volunteering at Tynehead Hatchery
75 Volunteer Culture in Canada – Tynehead Hatchery

One of the most amazing things about the Canadian society is their passion for community involvement. I learned about this as soon as I arrived in Canada because I benefitted from the efforts of immigrant-serving organizations and their volunteers.

This video brings us to Tynehead Hatchery where I volunteered at their Salmon Send-off event.

Shopping in Canada
74 Shopping in Canada – Lucky Supermarket | Walmart After a Fire | Ikea

Shopping is an inescapable part of our lives. We shop to buy our basic necessities, fulfill our material wants, or engage in retail therapy. New or potential immigrants to Canada may be curious to see regular shopping options in the country. So in this video, we will look at three shopping options.

False Creek
73 An Afternoon in Charleson Park and Granville Island

Granville Island is a top tourist destination in Vancouver, BC. But the routes to get there give amazing views of this magnificent city as well.

Watch this video to experience the serenity at Charleson Park and fun at Granville Island.

Coal Harbour
72 Beautiful Spring Day in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, BC

Lately, I keep seeing TikTok videos about how Vancouver is so expensive…but breathtaking. Life in this city can be challenging but the views take the stress away even for just a short while.

Are the views worth it? Click the link and see for yourself.

Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Festival
71 Cherry Blossom Festival and The Big Picnic at David Lam Park

Metro Vancouver is pretty in pink! Watch the Big Picnic at David Lam Park and see a hundred cherry blossoms in full bloom. Also, have a glimpse of these blossoms in regular Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Vancouver Chinatown
70 Vancouver Chinatown Walk

It was a glorious spring weekend. I thought it was a great time to revisit Vancouver Chinatown.

Come and visit Chinatown with me!

69 Celtic Fest and Exploring Vancouver in 2 Hours

Spring is here! There are so many things to love about spring. Vancouver is no longer gray. People seem to be in a happier mood. Cherry blossoms and tulips are blooming. Festival season is starting. It’s a wonderful time.

68 2024 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry blossom season is here! I’m so happy to see Metro Vancouver come out of its usual gray vibe and be filled with shades of pink.

Visit paradise with me.

Living in Canada Without a Car
67 Living in Canada Without a Car

Not everyone has the ability to pay for a home and a car at the same time…especially new immigrants. So newcomers or prospective immigrants are probably wondering if it is manageable to live in Canada without a car.

Watch this video to see for yourself.

North Vancouver
66 Going Around Langley | Surrey | North Vancouver

I read a quote that says, “Recharge your soul by basking in the brightness of the weekend.”.

Though life in Canada is full of challenges, its beauty also recharges me. So this weekend, I took a quick look around Langley, Surrey, and North Vancouver to recharge.

Lunar New Year Celebration at the Museum of Surrey
65 Donation Drop Off | Fast Food Lunch | Lunar New Year

It’s another rainy day. But, the rain can’t stop me from doing my errands and having fun. Join me and have fun!

BC Place, Vancouver
64 Sunset in False Creek | Evening in Downtown Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is a popular destination for immigrants in Canada because of its beauty and weather. Let me show you around.

Canadian Immigrant's Life
63 Life in Canada: Home Depot Trip | Hawthorne Park | Night Out

Many people think that life abroad is easy. That is far from the truth. Though numerous tools and gadgets are available to us, in the end, we still have to use these to do our chores.

Weekends are usually devoted to doing chores. So, it’s up to us to add some fun and relaxation to our weekends.

Canadian Immigrant's Life in a Town or City
62 Living in a Town or City in Canada

One of the decisions that has the biggest impact on an immigrant’s quality of life is where to live. There is no perfect place, only a place that is perfect for you.

I hope this video can help new and prospective immigrants on where to settle to build the life that they dream of.

61 Life in Canada – Driving and Scenes on the Road

For many immigrants, obtaining a driver’s licence is like a rite of passage. I think it would be high on most immigrants’ wish list along with having a job that they like and owning a house. This video was then created for newcomers and prospective immigrants to Canada.

60 Living in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada | BC Storm

This video includes scenes in Surrey during and after a snow dump as well as tips on staying safe on the road during snow days.

59 Exploring Central London and Enjoying the Benefit of a Canadian Passport

As of January 2024, Canada ranks 7th in the Henley Passport Index which determines where a passport ranks on the global mobility spectrum. This is because Canadian passport holders can travel visa-free to 188 countries.

Canadian Immigrant's Life in Surrey, BC
58 My Life in Canada – Snowy Day in Surrey, BC

Winter has finally arrived in Canada. So on the second week of January, we had a snowy day in Surrey, BC.

Watch it here.

Flying to Vancouver International Airport from London Heathrow
57 Flying to Vancouver International Airport from London Heathrow

This video will virtually take us take us to Vancouver International Airport from London Heathrow. Here, I will be sharing some observations about these airports that may help you prepare for your future travels.

Christmas at Canada Place
56 Christmas Decor Shopping Tips | Boxing Week in Canada

The good news is – if you want to travel or move to Canada around Christmas and Boxing Week, now is a great time to start planning. I hope that you have learned a thing or two from these videos for you to live your best life in Canada and beyond.

Lafarge Lake Free Christmas Lights Display
55 Almost Christmas in London, UK (November 2023)

Christmas in Canada is short, quiet, and sometimes sad. So, you’ll have to find your own Christmas cheer. Fortunately, there are places like Lafarge Lake that can help with this.

54 Almost Christmas in London, UK (November 2023)
54 Almost Christmas in London, UK (November 2023)

As an immigrant to Canada from a tropical country, I have never ever taken a vacation to another cold country during fall or winter seasons. But luck took me to London, UK in November 2023. It was almost Christmas in London – and it was amazing!

53 Life in London, UK - A Canadian Immigrant's Perspective
53 Life in London, UK – A Canadian Immigrant’s Perspective

People do not always have the opportunity to visit a country first before migrating. Since the United Kingdom is also a top immigrant destination like Canada, I wanted to provide some visual information about life in this country. I also wanted to share my thoughts as a Canadian immigrant and a three-time visitor to London, UK.

Shopping in London, UK
52 Shopping in London, UK (November 2023)

Life is tough for most, if not all, of us these days. So, I am not surprised to see my news feed flooded with articles about immigrants leaving Canada. While some people opt to go back home, others decide to move to another country to build their dream life. This video shows regular shopping places and price comparisons of some items in UK vs. Canada in November 2023.

51 Public Transportation in London, UK

Would you like to visit London, UK someday? If you answered yes to this question, you will find this video helpful. It features London’s public transportation system from the eyes of a Canadian tourist.

Big Ben
50 Landing in London Heathrow + Central London Evening Stroll

This video shows a hassle-free flight from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) as well as an evening stroll to admire Central London.

Travel from Vancouver to London Heathrow
49 Travel from Vancouver to London Heathrow

One of the biggest perks of Canadian citizenship is the opportunity to travel visa-free to over 180 countries. In this video, I will be taking off from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) for my first trip to Europe after the pandemic.

Surrey Guildford Public Library
48 Surrey Guildford Neighborhood

One of the biggest decisions that an immigrant has to make is where to live. This video will take us around part of Surrey, BC’s Guildford neighborhood.

Dino Exhibit at Guildford Town Centre
47 Sending a Package to the Philippines + Medical Appointment + Dino Exhibit

After sharing videos of beautiful places and fun events in Canada, I will share a glimpse of regular life in this beautiful country.

Whistler, BC
46 Whistler, BC – The Perfect Fall Destination

Whistler is the perfect fall destination. This year, I was blessed to enjoy a comfortably warm day amidst the burst of fall colours in amazing Whistler.

Vancouver Seawall
45 Strolling Along the Vancouver Seawall

It was a perfect autumn day to take a stroll along the Vancouver Seawall. Vancouver is breathtaking but the fall colours make it even more enchanting.

Canadian Immigrant's Life - Exploring Downtown Calgary
44 Exploring Downtown Calgary in Less Than 24 Hours

I totally love beautiful Vancouver! But, I was lucky to have had the chance to visit another city even for only less than 24 hours.

Canadian Immigrant's Life - Travel from Vancouver to Calgary
43 Stress-Free Travel from Vancouver to Calgary

Canada’s gorgeous landscapes are popular all over the world. I would have loved to immediately explore the country as soon as I arrived but…well, reality got in the way. So, I was happy to get the chance to visit Alberta even for only a short while.

Canadian Immigrant's Life - Enjoying Beautiful Kitsilano
42 Taking in the Splendor of Kitsilano

Are you planning to visit or move to Metro Vancouver soon? If you are, your travel bucket list probably includes Stanley Park, Canada Place, and Capilano. In my opinion, Kitsilano should be included in this list, too.

Canadian Immigrant's Life - Seeing the Effects of Wildfires
41 Exploring Newton + Langley + Guildford | Seeing the BC Wildfires Effect

If you are looking for a place to settle in Canada, Surrey, and Langley, British Columbia are probably on your list. Watch this video and explore some areas in Surrey and Langley with me. Maybe this can help you decide on the place that best suits your dream life.

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