I created this blog in 2020 to share resources, inspiration, and stories with new and future immigrants to Canada. But I wanted to expand. I thought, if I am a potential immigrant, I want to see what Canada is really like. If I am a new Canadian immigrant, I want to see how else can I make life better. So, I thought of sharing snippets of life in Canada through my lens.

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12 Volunteering + Grocery Shopping at Walmart + Visiting New Westminster

This week is a bit more fun and I love it. I volunteered for Dress for Success Vancouver online. In the middle of the work week, I made a quick trip to Walmart. My week ended with a stroll along the New Westminter Pier Park while waiting for the snow.

I chose to make my week a great one, and fortunately, it happened.

11 Simple Joys During Winter

Sometimes, it is during the quiet moments that we find simple joys. Watch this video and find simple joys with me.

10 Quick Evening Stroll in Vancouver

I can never resist the beauty of Vancouver. Never, ever.

I didn’t have a lot of energy left but, I really wanted to take a quick stroll in Vancouver. In this video, I’ll show you a glimpse of beautiful Vancouver so you’ll know why it’s hard to resist.

09 A Day Well Spent in Whistler

Beautiful places do wonders to my body and soul. So, I consider myself lucky to call amazing British Columbia home.

So, I hopped on a bus to Whistler. After less than 2 hours of comfortable bus ride, the beauty of Whistler was already in front of me. Come with me as I wander around the village.

08 Going to Whistler

Gorgeous beyond words! That’s how I would describe Canada after a sprinkling of snow. So, I planned a day trip to Whistler, BC on Family Day long weekend.

Click the link to watch.

07 Starting the Workday + De-stressing After Work

It’s only Monday and I am already feeling tired. I don’t really know why. It must be the gloomy and cold weather. It can also be the long screen time at work and home. Maybe, it’s stress. Whatever it is, I need to shake this feeling off. This video shows a quick glimpse of a regular Canadian workplace. Then it brings me to the Green Timbers Urban Forest Park again as I try to destress.

I hope you enjoy walking with me.

06 Productive Sunday

It’s another rainy day in Raincouver. That is not a typo. Vancouver earned the nickname Raincouver because of its rainy climate.

I usually feel lazy and a bit sad during rainy days. So today, I will just stay home, finish my chores, and hibernate in my clean house.

I know it’s boring. But, life is not always exciting. I do hope you won’t get too bored and find my tips useful.

05 Shopping at T&T Asian Grocery

They say that the best memories are made when gathered around the table. I agree.

When I want to feel closer to my country of birth and remember fond memories, I look for food that is familiar to me. I guess many immigrants feel the same way. So, it is a joy for us to have easy access to ethnic groceries.

I hope this video also gives you joy.

04 Window Shopping + Filipino Breakfast

What would I do when I want to take a walk but the sun is about to set and the temperature is dropping? I would take a walk inside a mall. This is what the first part of the video is all about. The second part shows me preparing a Filipino breakfast for me and my friend. We were so full of food and stories after the meal.

Life is not always exciting. But, simple moments like these make life more enjoyable. I hope you enjoy this video.

03 Weekend Errands + Museum of Surrey Visit

My weekends are meant for doing chores, engaging in special interests, and indulging in self-care activities. This video features an ordinary Saturday.

02 Winter Driving + Kitchen Experiment

Driving in the snow is a novel, exciting, and scary experience for some immigrants from a tropical country like me. Though I have been driving for several winters now, it doesn’t mean that I like doing it. Also, Metro Vancouver cities and drivers have a reputation for not being the greatest at handling winter conditions. (Sorry!)

You will know what I mean after watching this video.

01 An Hour in Green Timbers Urban Forest Park

In 2011, I moved to Canada alone from the Philippines. I went through many of the challenges that immigrants usually face. So, to help immigrants like me, I created this blog in 2020. However, I feel that life in Canada can not be accurately and vividly described through words alone. Thus, the idea to create short videos came up.

I am sharing my slice of life so potential immigrants can decide if Canada will truly fulfill their dreams. I also hope that new immigrants will learn from my adventures and misadventures.

This is my Canadian Immigrant Story.